About Us

Global Vape was founded by three regular blokes from Melbourne.

Like many others, we tried everything we could think of to quit smoking the stinkys (cigarettes), without any luck.

To our luck, we then discovered VAPING, and ever since then quit smoking and became avid vaping users, some may even call us vaping connoisseurs.

Over the last five years we had the bad luck to stumble upon all sorts of low quality products. A light bulb went on – we saw that there is a much needed hub for all things vaping in Australia that ‘won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth’.

And this is how Global Vape was born.

We are passionate about helping others make the switch – why not skip the trial and error and go with Global Vape? We are proud of the range of products put together, so much that we use it ourselves daily and recommend to all of our mates.

If you have any questions or would like any recommendations, just shoot us an email or visit us in store.

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